Mission and Covenant

The congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Evansville has approved this mission statement and covenant statement to guide the church in its operations and decisions, and to guide the lives of its members.

Our Mission

UUCE provides a safe space and environment for members, visitors, and friends to explore their religious and spiritual ideas and values and to tell their personal stories.  UUCE is a welcoming congregation that benefits members and the community at large by being a voice for progressive religion, by engaging in social justice, and by promoting a sustainable world.  We nurture the skills and talents of all.  Our fellowship is diverse, inclusive, and full of joy and love.Approved February, 2016

Our Covenant

Love is the spirit of this Church and service is its law.  This is our great covenant: to dwell together in peace, to seek the truth in love, and to help one another. Approved October, 2011

Safe Congregation Policy

Our commitments, as Unitarian Universalists, to the inherent dignity and worth of every person and to justice and compassion, compel us to create a safe environment that protects children and youth from harm and promotes their spiritual growth.  Official Safe Congregation Policy