The UUCE Board of Directors is comprised of Church members who volunteer their time and efforts in sustaining our Church home. The Board has general charge of the property of the Church and conducts the business affairs of the Church on behalf of the Membership. This includes administration of the Church, appointing Ad Hoc and Standing Committees as necessary, overseeing any employees of the Church (except the Minister), preparing an Annual Operating Budget, and establishing policies and procedures for the functioning of the Church. More about the Board can be found in the Church Bylaws. To contact the Board of Directors, email boardofdirectors@uuevansville.org.

Board of Directors (July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017):

President – Nancy Higgs

President-Elect – Mark Bradley

Treasurer – Chris Norrington

Treasurer-Elect – Crystal Folz

Secretary – Shelley Woodward

Secretary-Elect – M’Lee Ackman

Director 2-year- Jennifer Willett

Director 1-year- Celeste Gossmann

Director of Religious Exploration- Ashley Perkins


Communications – Chris Norrington

Congregational Life – Sharon Dennis

House & Grounds – John Schaeffer

Religious Exploration – Ashley Perkins

Stewardship – David Fentress

Social Justice – Chris Norrington

Worship Associates – Tom Moor

Youth Leader – Mary Helen Weldy