Adult Religious Exploration offers you the opportunity to be something other than a Sunday morning Unitarian Universalist.  In our religion, no one tells you what you must believe or how you must practice your faith.  Rather, we guide you along your path toward determining that for yourself.  Our fourth principle calls that the “free and responsible search for truth and meaning.”

To help you in your search, UUCE offers a variety of adult religious educational experiences.  The experiences give you the opportunity to discuss and process ideas with others who understand and honor your quest.  They provide information from a number of viewpoints, not one-sided propaganda.  They encourage your self-expression in many different ways, and in the process, they give you the opportunity to develop strong relationships with other members of our congregation.

If these are things you want as part of your religious experience, we encourage you to become a participant.  If you are unsure about what a particular class has to offer, contact the instructor or the church office.  If you want something different than current offerings, consider teaching a class yourself or talk to members of the Religious Exploration Committee about what kind of class you want.

Adult religious educational experiences facilitate our bonding as a religious community, which is built by our willingness to share with one another.

Please visit our Adult Religious Exploration program offerings here.