Early Elementary Teacher, M’Lee Ackman became a member of the congregation in 2015. She is currently on the UUCE board and a member of the RE committee. She is a homeschooling mother of 3. The two older girls are elementary age, while their “baby” sister plays in the nursery. M’Lee is also known as the Potion Master, Professor Alchemilla Ebbenflow, during the summer Hogwarts camp, and sometimes beyond. It is a role with a rich history of its own and a great deal of geeky joy to share. Her B.A. in Creative Writing may come in handy for some future Hogwarts classes as we expand. “The RE program for our daughters is what brought us to the UUCE, but I love working with the children and seeing their sense of wonder, from the preschoolers exploring their Wonder Table to the children of all ages stirring up potions to see what they will do!” 

Childcare and Assistant, Danielle Arrigo became a member of UUCE in 2015. She is currently pursuing a degree at University of Southern Indiana. She has a daughter that loves to sometimes come and play in the nursery when she is working. She is great with children and has a passion to teach. “I have made the UUCE church my home away from home and the children here are so excellent and smart!”

Elementary Teacher, Sid Hall

Our Whole Lives Facilitator, Nancy Higgs has been a member of UUCE for nearly 20 years. She grew up in a Presbyterian Church in Richmond, IN. She works as a librarian in Evansville. She met her sweetie, Mollie Pharo, at the library shortly after moving to town in 1986. They have been together more than a quarter century, and have two children who are now young adults. Nancy has served on a number of committees  as well as the UUCE Board, but keeps coming back to work with the children. “I love getting to know the children, and sharing ideas with them. They are so caring, and so fun.” Nancy is a trained facilitator for Our Whole Lives for grades K-1 and 4-6 and is the Head of Waverider House for the Hogwarts Summer Program.

Our Whole Lives Facilitator, Tyler Ivey joined the UUCE in 2016. He is a trained facilitator for Our Whole Lives for Young Adults and Adults.

Childcare Coordinator and Elementary Teacher, Kimberly Moore joined the UUCE family in 2016. She is Matilda Khiimori, the Head of Windhorse House for Hogwarts Evansville Campus, as well as the Childcare Coordinator for the nursery.

Religious Exploration Director and Our Whole Lives Facilitator, Ashley Perkins has been part of the UU church family since 2012.  She enjoys planning activities and programs for children; her goal is to support their growth and development.  Ashley used to work as a Kindermusik Educator, teaching music and movement classes, and can be found in the church office acting as the Administrative Office Assistant. She has her A.A.S. in Office and Business Administration. Ashley has a daughter who enjoys spending time in the church nursery and a son who is in the preschool class. “I am thankful to be a part of this church and look foward to seeing my own children grow up in the RE program. Children are wonderfully imaginative and have a loving, compassionate spirit.” Ashley is a trained facilitator for Our Whole Lives for grades K-1 and 4-6; Young Adults and Adults. She also serves as Headmistress of the Hogwarts Summer Program as Professor Phoenicia Fengro.

Youth Leader, Our Whole Lives Facilitator, and Early Elementary Teacher, Mary Helen Weldy has been a member of the UUCE for over twenty years.  She holds a B. A. in psychology, an M. A. in Intercultural and Folk Studies, and an M.S.S.W. in Social Work – all of which she has drawn on in teaching Religious Exploration classes over the years at UUCE.  Mary Helen is a trained facilitator for Our Whole Lives for the junior and senior high school age groups. “Watching these young adults grow and blossom is one of the most joyful experiences of my life!”

Additional Assistants include Dennis Brandewie, Zach Nance, and Ryan Perkins.